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Father, Community Leader, Law Enforcement Officer

As a life-long member of the Woodridge/Downers Grove area, and a current Naperville resident, I have spent nearly my whole life as a member of the 81st District. My wife, Christine, and I, have four beautiful children. We care deeply about our town, our county and our state and we want to make a difference together. My family and I are active members in our church, St. Raphael in Naperville. Community service is very important to us and we both serve our communities in different ways. My wife is a Registered Nurse and I have been serving as a full-time police officer in the DuPage area for nearly 6 years. 

As a law enforcement officer, public safety is one of my biggest reasons for wanting to run for State Representative. I have seen the damages caused by recent legislation on communities throughout Dupage County, and the harm of the anti-police rhetoric by fringe groups to all of us. I will bring a balanced and educated perspective to allow meaningful community service by our law enforcement personnel while maintaining public safety. I will oppose legislation that shifts Springfield’s burdensome program costs to our property tax payers. I will support efforts that support families, seniors and the most in need in the district. Modern working families need common sense representation in Springfield, and I am that voice.

Safe Communities

As a police officer, I’m deeply concerned about the recent laws that have undermined public safety in our community and made my job more difficult. Specifically, provisions in the SAFE-T act have created undue limitations on police, including releasing certain criminals on recognizance bonds. This puts our communities at risk. I’m committed to fighting for the safety of our community and our children. I’ll work tirelessly to repeal harmful pro-criminal laws and ensure that our schools and streets are safe for everyone.

Tax Relief

For too long, Illinoisans have been crushed by the weight of the highest tax burden in the nation. And that’s on top of historic inflation caused by disastrous policies coming out of DC. We work harder, we sacrifice more, just to see our wallets emptied by a government that seems to only know how to take, not give back. There’s a better way. As your next State Representative, I’m committed to fighting tooth and nail for meaningful tax cuts and the elimination of wasteful spending.

Responsible Government

Illinois has long been synonymous with political corruption. As your next State Representative, I’m committed to cleaning house and restoring integrity to our government. I will fight tirelessly for transparency and accountability. We need to shine a light on backroom deals and ensure that every elected official operates in the best interests of the people, not personal gain. I will champion legislation that strengthens ethics laws, closes loopholes, and holds public officials to the highest standards. We need to send a clear message: corruption will not be tolerated in our state.

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